Scottish designer in Copenhagen

I’m Caroline, and I make everything you find here. Each piece of handmade jewellery is unique, I use traditional techniques to create a different effect on every piece. I’m obsessed with scoring and folding and using heat to manipulate the surface of the metal. I mostly make things with interesting textures, so a lot of my jewellery looks and feels unexpected. Otherworldly, even.



I make it all in my workshop in my adopted city of Copenhagen, and it owes as much to my artistic education at Edinburgh’s College of Art as to my fine jewellery training. This dichotomy is reoccurring in my work as graphic shapes combine with organic textures to forge rich narratives of light and dark, raw but beautiful. My inspiration comes from unexpected places, as I channel my fear of the dark into my work and reimagine the world around me to include discarded fragments of a forgotten existence. I run my workshop as sustainably as possible. I source my gem stones ethically and everything is made by own two hands. I use recycled silver and gold in my jewellery, resisting the temptation to dig up more natural resources from the ground is a good thing, I think. And I like the idea that every piece of jewellery has a previous life and a secret history.

I’d like that unknown history to be just the beginning, for my jewellery to be future heirlooms. The pieces I make are strong enough to last. After almost 20 years of jewellery making I know how to create pieces that can last a lifetime. 

Thank you for visiting and please get in touch if you’re interested in commissioning a bespoke piece jewellery or you have any questions.